All of these items are Septembers garage sale items. There is nothing wrong with them and many of them are pretty potent in occult magic. Even the creatures are unique and powerful. These sales are going on because we are moving many rooms and need a clean out. Take advantage of it because the prices are very low for what your getting.

This is the third set of three.

In this set you again get all three pieces that you see.

The first one is the gorgeous green pin which is a home for a gnome. His name is even Rome so he rhymes but what is better is if you give him a dime ( yes another rhyme) he will bring you wealth to keep you from worry. You won't become a millionaire but you will get a lot of money so you are happy.

The next one is a witches paw. This is HEAVY DUTY! You will be given instructions.

The next piece is a blood vampire of the race Geryon. This is not a dark piece and again instructions will be given. You are given power and capabilities with this one.

The one next to the paw is given free and has magic to due with travel and flight but we did not test that one. I'm just throwing it in for free.
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