Garden of Complete Orgasms

In the foreknown aspects of the story of the Garden of Eden, Adam is described as a hermaphrodite being; a single whole comprising both male and female.

Eve was created from his flesh; Adam, a.k.a. "Edenic man:, split to form his help meet.

As halves we seek to be made whole. The mutual attraction of the sexes is the craving of an incomplete being to be made complete. The delight that comes from having found one's opposite half is love; and the pleasure that comes from uniting with that half, each mutually assuaging the other's ache, is a physical pleasure.

The sexual act restores the original oneness of the human being.

Besides the difference of genders as exemplified in the two sexes, male and female, there exists an opposition within himself. Just as there was within the original Adam a complete being Adam-Eve, so there is within each person a duality, a positive and negative polarity which ramifies through the physiological, mental and psychical planes that constitute his identity.

The polar opposties vary within different theories. In one, the right and left sides of man are the two poles whose opposing potencies proliferate through the body and provide the magnetic field that is responsible for his vitality and existence. The right and left nostrils according to yogic teachings are channels for two distinct kinds of breath, oppositely charged.

The cerebral plexus connected with the diaphragm, or the solar plexus with the heart, each creates its own circuit and carries its own peculiar current of power.

Especially important for the purpose of sex magic is one particular set of opposites whose union sends an unparalleled surge of vital energy through the whole frame, namely, the lungs and the testes. This is one of the great arcana of sex mysticism. Its goal lies in the fusion, through the corporeal vehicles of the lungs and the testes, of the subtle forces immanent in breath and semen.

A massive written and oral tradition on the mystique of breath has been handed down from ancient times, and the understanding of this dual mystery of respiration and the seminal essence forms an intrinsic part of the science of sex magic.

An individual whose inner opposites are still quiescent is regarded as potentially explosive to a high degree. The arc of his power has not yet formed a circuit and there is, believed, always a searing flash when the energy crosses over.

The two exemplars of such types of person are the adolescent and the virgin.

This merge of wholeness helped make sense out of why different people have different sex drives.

We met with a spell caster who imploded this understanding of sexual interaction which allows our sex drives to be enhanced!

The items we are offering have been casted to connect the forces of the body how they began back in the Garden of Eden and project the connection forward to the way we are developed today!

It is believed that homosexuals are recited with the wholeness at birth, so they do not need an opposite counterpart to bring them fulfillment, so they find desire in another man, or woman, that has the same born completeness.

You will find your completeness and expansion of sexual drive by bonding with this piece. The items will not change your sexual orientation, so do not worry about that --- it will bring fulfillment into your life by advancing your desires and allowing the channels of energy that you give off attract the person who will bring you what you need.

If your relationship is not good, or your sex life sucks --- or you simply are single and don't know why --- use one of these sexual completeness emblems to bring extreme pleasure and satisfaction into your life.

Sexual arousal and satisfaction persists in bringing about success in all other areas of your life. Use the depiction of the Garden of Eden to grow your potential and gain ultimate orgasms!

These pieces are green and represent fresh and innocent approaches to sex. You will love the energies that will explode from your groin when wearing one of these pieces!
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