Gardeners piece -<br /><br />

This piece is the key to beautiful curb appeal. Many people want mystical occult powers, but sometimes energy manipulation abilities are more useful.<br /><br />

With this piece you are able to do plant manipulation. The piece used to belong to a gnome, Bellina, who dedicated her life to making the gardens of her land lush and manicured!<br /><br />

Different people have different passions, but with this piece you will embody Bellina's quest and will gain the power to control, manipulate and animate all forms of plant life. Regenerate your home and the houses on your block with this ability and bring money into your pocket! <br /><br />

Simply wear this piece while you are watering or planting and it will bring you an automatic green thumb. Once your home starts to take off, with lavish green grass and flowering plants, the neighboring houses will digest the power and manicure the appeal of the community. This piece will make your intent and little bit of effort flourish ~<br /><br />

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