Genie Power-<br /><br />

Your wish is his command. He is strong but small. His name is Onion and he has manifest in the physical world to be killed under foot of a large man. Getting caught in this world he can not return. Luckily he loves humans and that is why he was here in the first place.<br /><br />

If you can see him great,if not then write in a piece of paper what you want and burn it in the center. He is an ash reader. It was why he was here. His lady was having problems with a certain person and he needed information. That was a long time ago and she is passed on. He is loyal and loving but can get on the wicked side too. This is all in fun of course but looks to have a normal home with someone who wil speak to him. He loves children best of all and they can all see him.<br /><br />

He will work as a genie for you but with out all the bullshit of having to kiss his @ss. He is ready to be released from this ring; massage the band to relinquish Onion's charm!<br /><br />

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