Genii Loci Cuff Links -<br /><br />

I obtained these pieces from an acquaintance of mine from Italy. <br /><br />

He sent them to me as a thank-you for a favor.  The gift seemed kind of random at first.  The gift was a pair of cufflinks decorated with the portrait of a Roman Centurion.  <br /><br />

When I received the gift I gave him a call to thank him and he asked me if I had used the gift yet.  When I responded that I wasn’t a suit and tie kind of guy, but that I was very appreciative of the gesture, he chuckled at me.<br /><br />

Wearing the cufflinks wasn’t exactly what he was getting at.  It turns out the he had invoked an ancient Roman being known as a Genii Loci (or Lare).<br /><br />

A genii loci is a spiritual guardian of the home.  In fact, in most Roman homes featured a Lararium, or a shrive dedicated and devoted the Genii Loci that protected their abode.  Now, I am making this power being available to you.  She is in the form of a striking, young lady.  She will grant your home spiritual protection from demons, evil spirits, warlocks, witches, etc.-- basically ALL things evil.  Also, she will grant you good luck and fortune.  This is a great piece to keep for yourself or give to somebody else as a gift. <br /><br />

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