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To peer into this glass is to become an initiate and see the arcana of the mysteries.

These wonders were built to honor the seven Genii, the most powerful of that magic to still be known today.

The one is a statue of Diana which was destroyed by black magic in in 356 BC. To day the magic still exists as only the statue was destroyed. The power of it is the miniature of the universe and how to make it work as you see fit. This is great for those into the 2012 coming. After we have studied this we found that that those who are seekers and those who study will find that the Kundalini of those who are special will activate at that time. You will become lifted.

The second one is of the Colossus of Rhodes. This was the direct link to the Sun Man of Mystery.

The third was a statue to Zuess and the Logi who would bow before the Lord of the Sun. This is an implantation process of magic.

The fourth was the Temple of Solomon which gave illumination and was the true illuminator of all humanity. This turned the heart into the light house of the soul. Which this magic you can look into the soul and hearts of others by simply saying the name.

The fifth one is The Gardens of Semiramis or the Hanging Gardens. These were built around 600 BC and were consecrated to Venus. This also allows one to enter the planes of the invisible world.

The 6th one is Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. This was built for Queen Artemisia's husband and held the power of the senses,the spiritual nature of man and 24 steps of a pyramid for, the sacred number. This monument was sacred to the planet Mars and an initiate built it for enlightenment. It was said to gaze upon the steps, sacred 24 that it was like looking into a moving looking glass.

The 7th is the great Pyramid. This is said to be the actual God Particle through Geometry and built by Mercury.

When looking into this glass oracle it is like scrying with moving pictures. Similar to a mirror and does show some of the mirror planet. This is a great one with a wide screen or view.

Of all of these the Genii have taken magic from as you too can do this now as well. The things that sound simple or do not scream buy me or often what leads you to true magic.
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