Genuine Genie Piece -

The powers of this piece bring about wishes for the keeper, surrounds him/her with wealth and enchants protection from beings. Metaphysical powers are increased upon the keeper, giving him/her increased mastery of magic.

After the bond between you and the Djinn have come to pass, call the name of your Djinn, (Byert), and tell him what you desire and he shall manifest results for you!

Djinns, as well as many other spirits, can endow powerful actions including the projection of grand ideas, incredible luck, and manifestations involving love and how to acquire it.

The Djinn shall begin (upon proclaiming yourself keeper) in making your life better by talking to you in your dreams mentally and astrally. He shall follow you even more when the necklace is worn by you; this helps the Djinn bond with you.

Once he knows you and understands your life better, Byert will attempt to combine with the vibrations of your energy. If he feels a positive connection this is when your wishes will solely be granted ~

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