George 111 married Princess Charlotte Sophia but when he first saw her he gasped in horror. She was so ugly he nearly threw up. George's father was disgusted and could not even gaze at her face so he called upon a sorcerer he often had work for him. Her name was Isabella Blake and her power was immense. She took it from ugly to ravishing in minutes. George 111 never cheated on his new wife and they had 15 kids.

You have to face that fact that some people are just ugly. It's not any fault of their own but it is what it is. It's like if you need to lose weight and you buy weight watchers. Sure you have good intentions but that little bit of food is not doing anything for anyone. The only thing it is doing is making you feel guilty when you go off of it because it cost so much.

If your dieting and one of those women eating a salad you know you want to take down the person next to you eating fried chicken and mashes. You want to indulge,roll around in the chocolate cake,sing sweet songs to the Domino's delivery man and dance around the buffet line. Face it sister,you want to EAT! One time I was dieting and I came upon this black family reunion and I had at it! Sure I was called Pale face and asked what I was doing there but I answered while stuffing a chicken leg in my mouth. Black people sure know how to hold a get together.

What a surprise! As I was typing this up a telemarketer called me,their phone number is 619-801-8147. They said they wanted to reward me for being a credit card holder. I used my I'm not all there in my head voice and yet she still kept on even after I tried to tell her I needed to get my nurse because I was challenged. She placed her supervisor on and I said I was retarded and needed my nurse. The supervisor yelled across the room, "I got a retard here!" so if you want to give them a call and telemarket them back,you now have the number.

Anyway back to this. So,this piece will not replace plastic surgery or the need for a stomach staple BUT it will make you look like you never needed one in the first place. This type of magic is called Glamour. Others will see you as beautiful or as you want them to see you, as it is up to you. This comes with an actual spirit and it is Isabella. If your looking for that certain man or woman and you know they are way to hot for you,this is your answer. You can now tell Weight Watchers to bang off because you can eat what you want AND scare the heck out of yourself but no one else. This piece is a real Egyptian beetle and is an antique. The stick pin metal is dated later then the king but the beetle is the actual beetle she used in her Egyptian magic. What is really cool is you can flip the beetle over and see all his legs.

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