This piece used to belong to a woman known as Jessie. I'm not really sure what Jessie is short for. Logic would say Jessica, but taking into account the entity in this piece I would guess it's more liek Jezebel. Why? Because she's a whore. Well, she was a whore. Well, she still is a whore. What I mean to say is that while she was alive she was a hooker. She was no run of the mill hooker either. She was one of the most sought after hookers in Vegas. I'd like to add that hooking is perfectly legal in Vegas. In fact, they have legalized brothels there and everything. Jessie was the best at what she did. Some of her customers that knew her very well even went as far as to just call her Skills, because she was that good at what she does. I mean, we're talking about butterfly, missionary, modified missionary, coital alignment, froggie style, doggie style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, oral... whatever you want... Rough sex, make it hurt, in the garden all in the dirt!! Whatever you want!!! I'm not really sure of the situations surround Jessie's death. I don't think she died too prematurely, but I think it involved some sort of love triangle. It's just the feeling I get. However, Jessie loved sex so much she wasn't ready to stop... even if she had to continue it in the afterlife. This was one of her favorite possessions when she was alive. It was given to her by one of her favorite customers. She wore it all the time, telling her friends and family it was what gave her confidence and filled her with sexual energy. This bracelet now contains Jessie's spirit. She is attached to this piece and is craving-- begging to sexually satisfy you. She craves your "touch" and she want's to be your sex slave. She goes both ways, so this item can be for a man or a woman!! She's really just a freak, identifying at try-sexual... she'll try anything once and what does kill her (well nothing can kill her now) makes her better!! (Maybe that's how she died?)

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