This was a grimoire that was for the wise ones. Those that used astrology and magic together. This was also used by those who studied the true Alchemy.

First written in 1200 A.D. this book was passed through many hands including John Dee and Marsilio Ficino to name a few. What is in the book gives instruction on how to use the stars along with Alchemy to establish great magic on one subject in which you seek.

This information and magical instruction was used in this case to create a deep and lasting love spell with none of the slavery that most include. Those types of magics leave you feeling unusually unhappy because you realize that while you love the person it is not real on their part. To call it a spell is not even true and a wrong choice of words. What is really going on is your lover,soul mate is being found for you and brought to you. You can ask for nothing as for money or looks because what your meant to have it what your meant to have.

With the darkness that is always around us many times these true soul mates are never located. Things get in the way and prevent it. With this item it won't happen that way.

This is powerful and you will not be unhappy no matter what the outcome because when you meet you know they are for you.

One ring has emeralds in it and the other has mother of pearl, I think that is what it is called. They are both sterling silver and do not have to be worn to work.

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