Ghostly Sex-<br /><br />

This ring is an ultimate gratification piece; it holds the spirit of a nympho that lives on to satisfy the person who wears this piece. Once you call upon the spirit you will be blessed with toe curling pleasure! You can use this spirit to assist yourself when you play or with a partner to have a secret threesome that will make you both feel better, and your partner will never know what the added sensation was from?!<br /><br />
Wear this ring and chat the poem below to let the spirit know you are ready to get down and dirty!<br /><br />

I can feel arms around me<br /><br />

Ghost embraces<br /><br />

Cold kisses<br /><br />

For an icy comfort<br /><br />

Shadows of your boney fingers<br /><br />

Between my fingertips<br /><br />

I can hear your faint whispers<br /><br />

Reciting prose and poetry<br /><br />

More eloquent and romantic<br /><br />

Than anything you said aloud<br /><br />

Through walks in windy crags<br /><br />

Your presence keeps me warm<br /><br />

Walking the blanketed mountains<br /><br />

You leave no footprints<br /><br />

I prefer the company of ghosts<br /><br />

Please, haunt me<br /><br />

If only to hear<br /><br />

An empty voice<br /><br />

Wispy whispers<br /><br />

Hollow footsteps<br /><br />

Soundless<br /><br />

To feel<br /><br />

An ethereal embrace<br /><br />

From fingers without feeling<br /><br />

A heart without a beat<br /><br />

From our lifeless love<br /><br />

To come this tenuous rapture<br /><br />

Adieu, my paramour<br /><br />

My disembodied darling<br /><br />

And dearly departed<br /><br />
Come to me<br /><br />
I lie ready for you<br /><br />
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