The star of Bethlehem is often found at the top of a Christmas tree or on a plate of Christmas cookies and is strictly of Christian origins.  It comes from the gospel of Matthew, but it doesn't really ever elaborate on the star.  What is the star?  Where did it come from?  Was it always there?  Was it a special star?  The list of questions seems to be never-ending surrounding the star the lead the "kings" to Baby Jesus on the night of the nativity. 

First of all, I just want to say that if you take your time to read the book of Matthew, in which the account of the "Three Kings" is documented, you notice that he never refers to them as kings at all.  Rather, he uses the terminology "wise men," which at that point in time was lingo that was used to refer to those who read the star.  They were also referred to as magi.  In fact, the term king is only found once in the book of Psalms during a prophesy of the three who would come to visit Jesus at his birth.  However, you must understand that these were not kings of nations, but rather Kings of knowledge who had been blessed with holy ability to know things that no other human could. 

As for the star? It has been hotly contested.  Some say the star must've been a comet that lead the three wise men to the Christ Child.  Others say that it was an alignment of the planets Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation Pisces.  Ancient astrological legend asserts that the meeting of these planets would signify the Messiah's birth.  Emphasis is also placed on the fact that the symbol Pisces is a fish... and Jesus' symbol was also a fish.  However, that didn't come until later. 

The fact of the matter is that God charged certain people with the true knowledge of the timing of the birth of His one and only son.  This way, the Three could announce the coming of the New Age in which He would sacrifice His son for humanity.  The gift that was given is the gift of the Magi-- an ability of divine astronomy.  It is the ability to read the stars and to know the wisdom of God that is placed into all things; that is the ability read his signs and prophecy that have been placed into the stars.  It was given to the Three Magi that visited Jesus upon his birth, to herald the birth of the child. 

This piece has been recovered from the Temple.  It was given to us from Tomer and comes from a secret, new age School of Magi that have perfected this process of divine wisdom.  The gift has been given to them from God through the bloodline of the Three Wise Men.  This piece holds their powers.  It contains the Gift of the Magi-- the acquisition of the astrological knowledge of God.  The expression goes, "it was written in the stars."  Well, this piece will help you decode the secret meanings, messages, and prophecies that have been written in the stars by God.  These include exclusive powers, knowledge, abilities, and magic.  It is the essence of God that has been stored in a way that those who have been truly blessed with the knowledge will understand.  Consider this piece your blessing! 


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