Many believe that the ancient Egyptians were visited by aliens; how else did they build the pyramids and know the science that they did if not with otherworldly help? This bracelet proves those theories right!

A little-known item found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen, this bracelet shows a human-like alien giving the Egyptians the information of future successes, such as the spaceship, which is shown in front of the giant alien. It also shows a sphinx and two of the pyramids that the aliens helped build. The Bracelet of the Egyptian Aliens is made of a pale gold material not found anymore, which holds the powers to reach the aliens! When wearing it, you will be transported in the astral plane to the alien ships, where you can communicate and learn from the alien races. This bracelet was left to the Egyptians as a way to communicate with them once they’d left Earth. It will also give you visions of the future, like the aliens gave the people of the past. Not only that, but you can be transported back to the times when the aliens visited while your sleeping, so you can see what really happened!

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