2-26-09 Glestig Fairies are fairies of milk and blood. They are some of the most power fairies you can get due to what they feed off of. They are sometimes referred to as the vampires companion. They are charming,beautiful and pack a serious punch of power to those that have them. You will need to feed these fairies either milk or blood, it doesn't matter which. Once in a while you will need to tell them to go and feed which they will do on animals. These are fairies that you can instruct on HOW to feed so I do hope your responsible. Why these are good for you. They are not of a bad nature in anyway and I have been with me for about three years. My Glestig really helps me when I see a vision of something I can't quite make out or do not understand. Plus as you all know, my charm is astounding! The reason they are so powerful is a lot like the ritual teeth except that they are living entities. Because they have lived on milk and blood they hold the essence of LIFE and in every life comes a new ability or power. If I were to transfer my blood and energy to you, you could pick up some of the things I am able to do. This is how they work too. Each one is very different in what they can do. The one I have is Verina a female and she is highly psychic and holds a natural shield of protection that is a wave of power. She got this way from feeding on an ancient psychic. Yours will all be different. I have a bracelet that holds two,one male,one female and they will call more to them. When you get them. I have a lot of these and learned that they draw more of their own kind to them. What they pick up on their travels in magical ability is brought back to you to empower you with. The necklace I have held one when I first got it but now holds a few. The necklace I have up for sale here has two in it now but I do not know what it will end up holding once you wear it around. This is for the necklace.
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