Glowing Warlock Emblem -<br /><br />

This is the tie clip of Eddie, the warlock of Wichita.  He is intrigued with all things magical and enchanting.  He has the ability of merging the spirit of any magical creature an inanimate object of his choosing.  The tie clip is an item he wore for years.  He has moved on to bigger (not necessarily better) things, so he has left this piece in our possession. <br /><br />

What you are receiving is a tie clip with a gem that has been infused with a unicorn.  Once you obtain this piece you will be able to take on the form of a Unicorn, receiving all of its magical powers.  You will have wealth and good fortune beyond management.  Your spiritual being will now be perceptive to all of the covert secrets of white magic and witchery.  You will know dazzling goods looks and will live to be ancient, dating at least 1000 years old. <br /><br />

This piece comes with a ton of power and should be used responsibly.<br /><br />

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