The God Particle You see, the thing is that the government is always a few steps ahead of the game. They are always more advanced or more technologically savvy than they like to say they are. They admit they've made it to the moon... even televised the landing. They spent years developing time travel techniques via the Philadelphia Experiment and other similar projects. However, scientists conclude that there is no sure way to know it time travel will ever be possible. Like a drug dog, I sniff our their cover-ups. It's not the fact that these super natural things aren't possible, it's the fact that they don't want these bits of information to fall into what they are calling "the wrong hands." By "wrong hands" they mean anybody who is not them that may have a equal understanding, because then they wouldn't be a leg up anymore. It is what it is, but just got this piece in two weeks ago and I have been testing it. Allow me to introduce you to the God Particle. The God Particle, formally known as the Higgs boson particle is a subatomic particle that is crucial to the understanding of space, time, matter, and what existence really means. The process of creating this particle has been being experimented with for the several decades now, since the 1960s in America and other countries. In America, the process has been perfected by a physics lab operated under the Department of Energy in Fermilab in Chicago. Here atoms are guided by magnetic force and smashed together in a machine known as the Tevatron. In a huge underground physics lab in the Alps, physicists have also been manipulating matter to created patterns of space and time to gain a better understanding of how to control both aspects of existence. In fact, the development of the God Particle is so important to scientists that it has been called the cornerstone of how we understand the universe. It will explain why we exist, how we exist, and the future of our existence. Seems like they've got their hands full, no? Well here's the thing. As much as a fervor these findings have been making in scientific media these days, the God Particle has already been perfected. In fact, it's already in use in other stellar and chronological explorations and discoveries. It's the whole "leg up" policy that the elite of our world have. Instead of sharing the wealth they want to keep it for their greedy selves. It's okay, though. Like I've said, I just got this piece in two weeks ago, or so. I've been working with it closely. It comes from the Chicago Fermilab from a connection I have that words underground with the scientists in this facility. Guess they should never underestimate the will of the "average" American to be in the "know." This item has been super charged with not just on or two God Particles... no. Rather this item has been turbocharged with seven of the God particles. Why seven? Well, it's called the God particle, so they wanted to pay homage; and after all 7 is God's holy number. Anyhow, this item has been turbo charged with these God Particles. This piece will allow you the energy necessary to enter a gap that occurs in our solar system that is a door along the space time continuum. Once there, you will be able to travel to any destination along the space time continuum that you want to. This means you get to travel forward and backward in time. It also means the you can travel to any part of existence that you want to. If it exists, you will be able to go there. Travel points include all points of existence in our universe, alternate universes, parallel dimensions, underworlds, heavens, stellar dimensions, astrological sectors, and more!! This piece is very powerful and the energy that it entails were used in trial runs such as the Philadelphia Experiment, and the Montauk Project.
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