Gabriel is the great and powerful angel of hope, love, light, and illumination. He is an angel of justice, joy, and sometimes death. He is righteous, benevolent, and compassionate. <br /><br />

Gabriel is the Angel of the Holy Spirit and Guardian of the Holy Waters of Life. He stands to the left of the Divine Chariot and serves the Creator directly. Gabriel is believed to maintain close communications with the Creator and thus is a particularly powerful intercessor. In Ethiopia, where he has historically been deeply venerated, Gabriel is considered the archangel most likely to perform miracles. Although all the archangels are miracle-workers, Gabriel produces more and is most generous. Gabriel is renowned as the angel with the horn, which he will blow to signal Judgment Day. <br /><br />

Archangel Michael may be humanity’s defender, but Gabriel is our provider. Moroccan folklore explains that when Adam and Eve were thrust from Paradise, Gabriel brought them a cow, goat, wheat, and a plough and personally taught Adam how to plow. <br /><br />

Gabriel has dominion over birth and death: <br /><br />


  • He is among the angels most frequently invoked to heal infertility. <br /><br />
  • Many scholars believe him to be the angel sent to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. <br /><br />


Jewish angelology ranks Gabriel among the Angels of Death. It is considered an honor and blessing to have Gabriel as an escort to the Beyond (as opposed to some of his scarier comrades). Gabriel presides over a palace in the Sixth Heaven, where lucky souls get to spend eternity. Christians consider Gabriel the patron saint of happy death. <br /><br />


  • Gabriel is one of only two angels identified by name in the Bible. <br /><br />
  • The Kabbalah associates Gabriel with the Sefirah of Gevurah (Power). <br /><br />
  • Gabriel is the Angel of the Annunciation: The Gospel of Luke 1:26-38 names Gabriel as the angel who hailed Mary and revealed her destiny. <br /><br />
  • Gabriel may have been the angel in the Garden of Gethsemane. <br /><br />
  • According to pre-Islamic Syrian angelology, Gabriel is the highest and foremost among angels. He serves as mediator between the Creator and creation. <br /><br />
  • In Islam, Gabriel is the angel who dictated the Koran to Muhammed. <br /><br />
  • As Angel of Communications, Gabriel is considered presiding Angel of the Internet. <br /><br />


Gabriel is the Angel of Dreams. Invoke his aid to improve your dreaming skills, eradicate nightmares, or to provide prophetic dreams. <br /><br />

Gabriel is considered the guardian of those born under the sign Cancer; however, he may have dominion over all water signs, Scorpio and Pisces, too. <br /><br />

Gabriel’s energy is connected to this powerful talisman. Use it to receive messages from your spirit and to connect with your inner child. <br /><br />

With this talisman in your possession, your life will become one of joyful celebration and blessed abundance and all of your deepest desires will be manifested. You will be protected from all evil forces and from anyone who wishes you harm. Depression, sorrow, worries, anxiety and ill health will become things of the past. Your world will be transformed into a veritable paradise, with all wishes granted, all hopes realized. <br /><br />

Once you have brought this talisman into your life, invoke Gabriel with a simple request: “Gabriel, I ask for your guidance and assistance. Please help me (explain your needs). I give thanks for your love and for being in my life.” When you see moonlight streaming into your home, know Gabriel is there, willing to bless you with his presence. <br /><br />



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