Former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower had three, noted, meetings with aliens. This information was granted from a former U.S. government consultant. <br /><br />

The meetings are said to have taken place at a remote air base in New Mexico. The meetings were coveted in 1954. <br /><br />

Eisenhower and other FBI officials were said to have organized the meetings by using telepathic messages that were sent out into space. After the messages were infused, the parties met up on three different locations at the Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico.<br /><br />

There were many witnesses to the events and conspiracy theorists have spread rumors recently about the meeting being real. <br /><br />

Although all who were in attendance were sworn to secrecy, with fear of death if they told ANYONE, the conjured meetings did take place and someone spilled the beans... an anonymous conspirator was told the detailed story of the encounters and that spread the word on to many!<br /><br />

The encounters were said to have taken place while officials were told that he was on vacation in Palm Springs, CA, in February 1954.<br /><br />

The initial encounter was said to have taken place with aliens that were Nordic in appearance... but the agreement of information that was exchanged, and signed, was with an alien Grey.<br /><br />

It was also noted that millions of us have truly seen real alien spacecrafts; although many UFO sightings can be explained in conventional terms, there are millions of us who have seen the real thing!<br /><br />

Our connection, and contributions, with aliens and other creatures are undoubtedly the fundamental conspiracies that lead to the conventional measures of finding and developing the magic in the world.<br /><br />

The information that was "leaked" was made out to be a joke, as the FBI was certain to try and cover up any knowledge that humans would be accessible to~!<br /><br />

Our staff has knowledge and experience with extraterrestrials and the implications that were discussed, and sealed as part of an agreement were something we were very curious to learn about. <br /><br />

We followed the trail of information to bring forth the piece that you see here.<br /><br />

sneaking on to the Holloman Air Force base was part of a plan for an investigation we did last year. About a mile before we would have been at the base, we saw a car coming toward us flashing their lights at us. We pulled off the road and a man got out and came up to the drivers side window. <br /><br />

He told us that he was a paranormal investigator with psychic powers and he knew that we would be making the trip. He sensed the date and time that we would be traveling down that road.<br /><br />

When it turned out that we were who he envisioned, he gave us a small pouch and said "please turn around, all the questions you have will be answered when you look into the pouch. <br /><br />

He then ran back to his car and drove away. <br /><br />

Deedee was driving, and she was still intent on going to the base... but then I reached into the pouch and when I pulled out this item she stopped the pursuit and said okay, we can be done.<br /><br />

I had no idea of what this was... but it was a symbol of proof that linked the aliens to the Earth. This piece is empowered with all the epic abilities that radiate from the worlds that are journeyed beyond the Earth.<br /><br />

This piece imparts the instances of powers that merge between the worlds. <br /><br />

By using this piece you will gain: molecular manipulation, postcognitive-empathic relations,healing, premonition flashes, gene splicing, telekinesis and technopathy. <br /><br />

You will be able to surge all of these powers because a Grey will connect with you and you will become a link to the technical substituent that is linked between their home and ours!<br /><br />

If you have ever questioned, or wanted to know more about extraterrestrial life -- then this is the piece for you!<br /><br />

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