White Light Warrior<br /><br />

I'm going to begin by saying that this piece, regardless of the fact that it has a skull on it, is a piece of extreme white light.  Last night, after the radio show, with some help from Tomer, we were able to pull the entity who exists in this piece through.<br /><br />

She is an Elysian spirit from Great One World Temple of the Dead.  She was created in the year 3036 by a league of sorcerers who conjured her from energies of another realm and trapped her inside the Temple.  She was given the presence of all things dark and evil.  They say to persevere in any battle, you have to know your enemy better than yourself.  She knows the ins and outs of all powers  and entities of dark and evil.  She has been give the powers to vanquish them all.  She has been commissioned to do so.  She holds no qualms and will kick a demons ass in a heart beat!  <br /><br />

She served in the Temple for over 1000 years, and then for some reason or another was cast into this Sterling Silver vessel and forgotten about.  She comes to us from the year 4065.  She is inhabits this ring and we have summoned her presence to activate this piece.  <br /><br />

This piece is the most powerful protection piece that I have, thus far, experienced.  There is not a factor of malice that she cannot protect you against.  She can protect your living being, your astral being, and you soul.    She can shield you from anything.  She will essentially turn you into the bubble boy, only without the bubble, as she will let nothing bad or evil get in your way.  <br /><br />

With this ring she will become your eternal guardian, protecting you from anything that may be lurking around the corner whether it be physical or spiritual.  She may not make you to lieth down in green pastures, but with her around there isn't going to be anybody in the pastures to mess with you in the first place!! <br /><br />

Her name is Alexandria, but she prefers to be called Alex for short.  She is a great white light warrior.  To fully bond with her, meditate with your piece until she comes forth to you.  Once she makes her presence known, you're in for one heck of a life changing rejuvenation and experience!!  <br /><br />

Meditation is not hard with this piece,it happems fast! You will see her with long blonde flowing hair,purple eyes and a great sword in her hand. She defeats death and yet is... THIS WILL FIT A SIZE 10 OR 11 FINGER.

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