GREEDY GRINCH 2 angelic portal

ALL OF THE HAPPY HOLIDAY SPECIALS COME WITH YOUR CHOICE OF A ONE CARD READING. YOU CAN PICK FROM THE VAMPIRE OR FAIRY. YOU GET TO KEEP THE CARD AND CAN BURN THE CARD TO CHANGE YOUR DESTINY OR PLACE A PENNY ON IT COME JANUARY FIRST TO SEAL IT.THE CARD WILL BE SENT WITH YOUR ORDER.THESE ARE COMING FROM TWO MAGICAL DECKS.PLEASE TELL ME WHICH CARD READING YOU WANT IN YOUR ORDER NOTES. **** DANIEL IS DOING CLEARINGS WHICH HE HAS BEEN DOING YEARS FOR FREE. NOW THAT HE IS JUST LAID OFF HE HAS TO CHARGE FOR THEM. RIGHT NOW THEY ARE ON SALE FOR 25.00 PER PERSON AND I CAN TELL YOU THAT IN THE YEARS HE HAS DONE PEOPLE I KNOW, THEY HAVE BEEN DONE RIGHT WITH NO BS. WHY SPEND HUNDREDS OR DEAL WITH SOMEONE WHO IS NEW TO THE FIELD OR POSSIBLY JUST DOING IT FOR MONEY WHEN YOU CAN HAVE AN EXPERIENCED PERSON DO IT RIGHT AND PUT EVERYTHING THEY HAVE INTO IT. IF YOU GET A CLEARING DONE AND MENTION I SENT YOU AND HE TELLS ME,I WILL GIVE YOU 25 PERCENT OFF AN ITEM ON MY WEBSITE. HIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS I really like this one. Think about this,if you have huge boobs do you really want to walk around with a heavy necklace? I have this friend that said she needed a boob reduction because it hurt her back but I think that is BS. I have big boobs and my back is not hurting. Now my neck was hurting last night but that's from being on the computer not because I wrap my boobs around my head. I mean WTH! This guy emailed me yesterday and he said Dee Dee you have high sex energy. Little did he know how much is pent up and if it should get loose GOD help you all! I swear it could do a US all city tour. Normally I don't test sex items but that is all going to end. I'm might have a spirit O sex night. Not sure yet. But getting back to this item it is a very light weight necklace yet it is simply gorgeous and protective. This piece creates an actual portal for angels to come through so you can feel their presence and speak to them. This piece vibrates and you feel that. What is different on this piece is that the portal is the only way they can truly connect with you in a feeling and touch way. I have another piece that is a little like this but it does a lot more.
GREEDY GRINCH 2 angelic portal
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