Greek Power Ignites -<br /><br />

This piece comes from deep within Mt Olympus in Greece.  Most people think of Greek gods as a thing of the past, as something that never existed and certainly doesn’t exist currently. <br /><br />

What if this is just a widespread misconception?   Well, it most certainly is.  We have proof. This is a very elite item.  We have obtained it from one of our connections in Greece. What most people do know is the Greek people were very in tune with spiritual and astral aspects of existence.  What most people don’t know is that it takes an intricate source of power to be able to communicate on the spiritual plane belonging to the Greek gods and goddesses.  Thus, the existence of such entities is shielded and considered obsolete legends of ancient visionaries.  They do, nevertheless exist on a different astral plane and we can prove it. <br /><br />

What we are offering you is the spiritual essence of the Greek god, Janus.  He is the God of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings and ends.  He opens up your astral being and gives you the ability to travel to the plane of the Greek gods and goddesses.  You will be able to travel back in time to witness the journey of all the gods.  You have the opportunity to channel and acquire their special powers and attributes.  This is a very powerful piece and should be used collaboratively with some sort of astral shielding device.<br /><br />

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