This little bracelet packs a huge supernatural punch!! We made this piece with Grizzelle, the gypsy witch. She’s always helping us make this or make that, and we always have great success when working with her. This particular piece is a fun little piece. It’s spirited and very, very powerful. It creates what is known as a Fairy Ring, right in your own own. Don’t know what a Fairy Ring is? Well, read on!! A Fairy Ring is an item, usually a necklace or a bracelet that is to be laid on a flat surface and made to be in the shape of a ring (circle). Then you and some of your friends site around the outside of the bracelet, also forming a ring. You can use this ring alone if you want, but the more people you use, the more efficient the power in this piece will become... but you could use it alone if that is your preference. Next, the energy from your soul will go forth, igniting the powers in this piece. The piece will begin to feel warm and may even start to glow a faint green color. This is when the fairy ring is open. When this happens you will be given full powers to birth your own fairies. You can birth fairies for any powers that you want. You merely have to meditate on the powers that you want your fairy to have once it is manifested to you. The energy will leave your brain in a though form and enter into your new-born fairy, giving it whatever power you can dream up!!
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