This ring is a phenomenal deal! The center is a core endearment that has come from Kentucky, in the guilds of a small town known, with a development known as Fender. Fender is a very wealthy community with huge estates and elite occupants.

Most people think of Kentucky as being backwoods and housing rednecks, but like everywhere there are those who have money. This community though has an advanced amount of money from each person who lives there. The residents have bound together to live in close proximity for safety and survaillance.

The people have all been touched by a windfall of money, some from winnig the lottery and many from prospering an idea that went viral and brought them immense wealth~~!

To bless the lands a mystical woman was asked to clear the area from harm before the first home was built -- this was 12 years ago. The woman then would mail each owner a small green stone that she said to keep in their home, or with them, for continued success. There are now 15 homes and the last was just built back in March... the owner got the stone and got it set into a ring for his daughter. She wore it daily and one day lost it when she took it off at school to go swimming!

The families luck began to diminish and now, not even 6 months later their home is on the market because they cannot afford to stay there. The mystical woman would not grant them another stone, and said that the one she gave is still able to be used, it just needs to be found -- as it will grant immense luck and wealth upon the person who adorns it.

Deedee was asked to use her psychic power to try and locate this ring by a friend of the family... and she didn't have time. Just 2 weeks ago she had a flash about the ring and called the owner... he didn't want to go check into what Deedee had seen, and said he is ready to start fresh and live a simple life. Since he wouldn't follow through, we did and we FOUND IT!! :)

This is a phenomenal item that will instill blessings upon you -- we all wanted to keep it, but Deedee said in her vision she saw it working great measures for a married couple and that we couldn't utilize the power as it is meant to help a family -- since none of us here are married, we have it available for one of you whose family can use this blessing!

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