GIFT OF REVENGE<br /><br />

One summer evening when I was about 7 or 8, my brother and I were in our living room when a thunderstorm began outside and the power went out. A few minutes later we began to hear noises coming from the kitchen.<br /><br />

The noises sounded like cabinet doors opening and slamming shut, pots and pans hitting the cabinets and other things banging around. We were all petrified, but my brother crawled to my parents' bedroom and got my dad.<br /><br />

He told my dad what was happening and my dad came out and went to the kitchen with a flashlight.<br /><br />

As he approached the kitchen, the doors of the kitchen began to open and slam shut. He went into the kitchen and didn't see anything or anyone. <br /><br />

Once the lights came back on, we inspected the kitchen. Everything seemed normal at first, but we soon realized that all the pots, pans and plates were in the wrong places. It was like someone had moved everything around. <br /><br />

There also was a strange item on the kitchen table. No one recognized it, so we waited til the morning to ask my mom if it was something she bought. <br /><br />

We learned that she got it as a gift at work from a customer. She works at the post office and around Christmas time people bring her gifts, as she sees many of them several times a week. <br /><br />

Normally she will get fruit baskets, candy, ornaments and maybe wine, but this was an oddity. She said she had left it at work for a few months -- as she didn't really want it, but then they were cleaning up and she brought it home -- she thought she may "re-gift" it.. it is very cool looking, but it came from an old woman who kind of scares my mom, she is very mysterious.<br /><br />

After cleaning up, and putting things back where they should be -- we heard a big bang and things were disorganized again... not as much as before -- but it was still odd. <br /><br />

The strange piece that my mom got was now on the stove. We realized a link and my dad took the piece outside and buried it in the back yard.<br /><br />

About 3 months ago they started building houses back behind where my parents live, long and behold strange things kept happening with the materials. They would be all mixed up -- elements would end up across the road, it was odd. They thought it was kids messing with the stuff and put up security cameras. The mischief kept happening, but nothing was shown on the camera footage -- well nothing human!<br /><br />

There were blurred fast circles that showed up on the footage and we were called to investigate!<br /><br />

As we went to the site, I came upon the piece that was buried 20 years ago by my dad.. immediately I knew this was the cause!<br /><br />

We tested this item and realized it was spell cast to empower chaos and disrupt the life of the person it is given to.<br /><br />

This is a very powerful piece that will gradually adorn aspects of a persons life and cause them stress and chaotic allure.<br /><br />


After realizing this, I asked my mom if she ever did anything to that old woman, and she said that she was mad because they were sold out of a commemorative stamp that she wanted and there was no more coming in.<br /><br />

So we believe this is why she gave my mom the piece~!<br /><br />

This is a great piece to get if you have someone who had been bothering you, causing you grief, or has done you wrong. This is a way to get revenge without their knowledge!<br /><br />

Very cool piece to be sneaky with -- it is time to endure the annoyance and chaos upon that person who has done you wrong!!<br /><br />

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