Grimey Grins, My Crystal Skull Companion

This piece is a rare one and should rightfully be cherished by its owner. In a controversy surrounding discoveries of have been described as “crystal skulls” is shouldn't surprise anyone that we, here at Haunted Curiosities, wanted to hit the ground running with this phenomenon. Although crystal skulls have been purportedly existent in many parts of the world, we had our eye on one particular prize. That was a fabled skull that supposedly existed in the outskirts of a deserted Panamanian city.

Naturally, being who we are and doing what we do, we sent out a discovery convoy of some of the people we work closest with. To our delight, our group was able to hire a tour guide from a tribesman from the Kuna clan of the indigenous people that live in Panama. What's more is that during a trip to San Blas Island, our researcher were actually able to psychically locate the skull in question, secure it, and bring it back to us.

Although, I'm not quite sure where the skull gets its powers from I can tell you confidently that the skull definitely displays some of the most potent ability that I have seen for some time. I calls upon an ancient race of gods that I can't really identify other than to say they definitely aren't Roman, Greek, or Jewish. They are a more primitive breed and rely on basic and magical instinct. They communicate telepathically because they are in tune with their surroundings and their minds are wide open.

With this magic, that I call The Eye of the Crystal Skull, you too will able to peer into the realms of these primitive gods. The power has been transposed to the piece that you see here, but you can rest assured that this piece is just as mystically saturated as the original and will perform in the same capacity. I just couldn't bring myself to part ways with the skull, whom I nicknamed Grimey Grins.

With the power from the ancients, you will gain the power of having a naturally occurring human radar. You will be able to peer into the souls of your fellow humans, receiving their life story in the blink of an eye, and obtaining any powers they may have, if any. You will be given the ability to communicate with spirits and gods telepathically. You will be given the get inside the minds of others to read the thoughts and decipher their intentions.

Additionally, you will be given the ability to perform rituals and rites of the ancients, allowing you to access their magical chemistry. Your magical ability will ten fold and you will be able to perform the most potent of spells, charms, and blessings,etc. This piece also comes with an evil deterrent to ward of those entities that may covet your power and thus try to sabotage you and take it, so you do not have to worry, we have completely covered your astral ass.

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