This is a handmade piece made by a shrew in Saudi Arabia. The item was carved, molded and then painted. After it was complete, she placed an enchanting sexual spell upon the item. It was designed to be carried in the pocket of a man needing sexual stamina and appeal. The energies would "extend" his member and allow for an extremely pleasurable time for both him and his partner! This was made to work for a man, but ladies... this is a piece to get for your lover!! He doesn't need to know it holds power, it can be a "gag" gift ;) The piece has since had a pin backing placed on it... so you can either wear it, or carry it in your pocket. It is a naked man with a big smile on his face and an erect penis... he loves his genitals and you will love yours when the shrews spell infuses in you! Do not "poke" around and get this before it is gone! A picture will be uploaded later tonight, if it lasts that long!
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