In Iceland, a young woman and a middle-aged sailor were shocked when they each received a letter from the Ministry of Justic confirming their marriage!

Their only encounter had been in a bar in Reykaik when their impromptu drinking session was interrupted by a gode - a high priest of the pagan Aesir cult - who had downed most of a bottle of the potent Icelandic brew Black Death.

The Aesir cult was subject to a ban on public worship by heathens from AD 1000 until 1874, when the prohibition was revoked. It gained the full privileges of a church in 1972.

The blotto gode convinced them that they should get married in the old Viking way, which he performed outside the parliament building, witnessed by other merrymakers. It seemed like a good idea at the time; the priest must have posted off an offical record of the ceremony.

This was in 1982, so the ceremony was convicted in the church and they each received the confirmation of their marriage.

The high priest also blessed this piece at the Viking ceremony. The woman, Kria, was given the item and when we learned of this chaotic ritual of vows, we contacted her and were able to purchse the piece from her; as we knew it had power -- as the Viking weddings utilized energy pulling of the Franz Realm, which yields strong power.

This piece is prevailed with unity and facets of vaulted fulfillment in the aspect of committment. The person who has this will be ensured to have a mate that will honor them and never cheat! If you have been involved in relationships where your partner has been unfaithful and want to ensure it won't happen again, then you need this power piece.

Viking rituals are embed within this and the calling of forces will unite to the one who connects fully with the piece!

A great gift for a friend who has been screwed over, or for yourself to ensure monogamy in your relationship, or marriage!

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