We only have one of these items, so once it is gone it is gone.  Most people know that they have a guardian angel, but will go their whole life not knowing who this guardian angel is and never experiencing the presence of their guardian angel.  This angel piece holds an ancient psalm that will join with your soul.  It will sing a song of white light into the realms of Heaven, whereby your guardian angel will be summoned to you in their spirit form.  This will allow you to communicate with your guardian angel and let him or her know what it is you want out of life.  When you speak to your angel directly, it will intercede to God and put the whole, "Ask and it shall be given unto you" clause in the Bible into full swing.  You can use this piece to literally ask your angel for anything-- wealth, fame, fortune, good health, spiritual healing... anything!  In addition, you can ask it to share the white light magic that it has been born with in the natural happenstance of being born an angel.

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