Guozhi's Force Field-<br /><br />

This piece depicts the face of Guozhi Yu; an ancient spiritual healer and known manipulator
of power. This carving was made to honor him, and at one time belonged to Guozhi himself.
<br /><br />

The carving had originaly been designed as a piece to carry in your pocket; over the years
it has been changed to be worn as a pendant. The carving itself is very old, we are not sure
of the origniality of the other endowments that have been added?!<br /><br />

Guozhi was a master of magnetism manipulation; this is the ability to control and generate
magnetic fields.<br /><br />

His mastery powers are held within this carving; we believe the powers transferred because
Guozhi used to have this piece with him in the pocket of his kimono. This is a piece that you
will need to work with to understand the capabilities of the power.<br /><br />

This is a piece of scientific intelligence and skill -- if you like manipulation and want to
control the power of the magnetic spectrum then this is what you need!<br /><br />
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