This is,I'm going to kill my cat Lucille Cabbage Ball Face in a few minutes. This beast has become as large as the killer Admiral Crooked bones! I gave him treats and he didn't like them so I gave him pounce and he doesn't want that either. He is so picky and he just got fur all over my pants. Good thing I don't have to go out today.

Anyway back to this piece. This a Gypsy bottle that anoints you,NO,not like the anointed one Obama but in a psychic way.

The first thing it does is to clear out all evil from your space including plain out negative energy. Then you can begin to do your tarot cards,pendulums,tea leaves,what have you.

This will open the mind and make it easier to get transmissions from space! No,from the spirit world you crazy people! Flammie is working on the Alien files right now and he is so into it. I want him to move on to something else but it has to get done so..

In case I lost you this has nothing to do with aliens but makes your own divination magic a 100 times stronger.

You use it place a little on the third eye,that is it.
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