Gadiel's Angelic Embrace

Gadiel is called the most holy of angels. His name means “God is my wealth.” He is one of several guards of the gate of the south wind. His name has been found inscribed on amulets used to ward off evil. Sorcerers often invoke Gadiel to conjure up great power. <br /><br />

When you call upon Gadiel, you may see flashes of yellow or green. You may also see your curtains stirring even though the windows are closed. Trust his love to point you toward the truth and show you the best direction for you to take in your life. <br /><br />

If you are feeling down or victimized by life, Gadiel is the angel to call upon. Before you confront any negative situation, ask for his protection. Gadiel will also help you release any negative feelings you have after a disagreement with a friend, an unfavorable assessment from a boss, or an argument with a lover. He is so full of love that he will help you let go of anything that is less than unconditionally loving. <br /><br />

This priceless talisman will allow you to connect easily with Gadiel. This beneficent angel will allow you to release any limiting beliefs and maintain a positive outlook. When called upon, he will repair a damaged relationship, improve your job performance and transform your life. His sole desire is to bless you with joyful abundance. With Gadiel by your side, any and all problems you are experiencing will be eradicated. Love, happiness, peace and prosperity will be yours. <br /><br />

Once this talisman is in your possession, you can call upon Gadiel by going outside when the wind is blowing. Invite the wind to carry  your prayers to him. His name has great power, so saying “Gadiel” repeatedly while you ask for his assistance is also a wonderful way to invite him closer. <br /><br />

You can also close your eyes and imagine that your request is tied to a beautiful balloon. Take a few deep breaths and, when the time feels right, imagine letting go of the balloon. Know that Gadiel will always answer your prayers. <br /><br />


Gadiel's Angelic Embrace
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