Galantamine's Gift

Galantamine's Gift

This piece has become known as the pure awakening piece. This has been interlocked with grand amounts of Galantamine, which is an alkaloid synthesized from a variety of unique plants, including the red spider lily and explicit daffodil bulbs.

The natural compound has been used for centuries in Europe; its memory-enhancing properties are hinted at in Homer’s Odyssey.

It appears to increase lucidity, allowing you to have an enhanced memory. The mind is our most powerful tool and amazing asset, and this piece promotes an important neurotransmitter, acetyl-choline that reacts with your mind to enrich your transporters to allow you to retain and recall all that you have transmitted in your brain.

Galathamine has also been tested to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

If you, or someone you know has a bad memory, or just seems to forget things all the time -- then this is the answer you have been waiting for!

Being able to have memories of your life, and know things in a snap without having to stop and try hard to think about it, is a precious gift.

Impart a surge in your brain waves that will intoxicate your mind to transmit the follicles to bless your mind with imperial memory enhancements~

Galantamine's Gift
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