Gallant Galloping Unicorn

Gallant Galloping Unicorn

This piece holds a male Unicorn named Ballo ~!

Ballo is white with rainbow hooves, and where ever he walks he produces rainbows.

He WILL NOT go to a home with anything but white light spirits in it, he is even kept in a special place here because he can't tollerate dark spirits.

He brings luck and good magic to his companion.... testers showcased good fortune in totally different avenues when utilizing the powers of Ballo.

One tester was trying to adopt and while using this piece they got notice of a pregnant mother who chose them to raise her child.... him and his partner just brought their daughter home, they named her Sophia.

Another tester was able to get a mortgage approval, after having issues with income verifiation for nearly a year! She said she could use all the luck she can get, so we used her as a tester and the luck produced the spark which granted her the approval, and the keys to her new home... she was thrilled~!

If you are in need of good luck, or know someone who is, then Ballo is the one who will instill and bless you!

Gallant Galloping Unicorn
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