Gambian Dark Magic

Gambian Dark Magic <br /><br />

If you can remember back a few years ago, you will remember the modern-age witch hunts that were taking place in The Gambia.  If you don't remember it, that's probably because it wasn't exactly the forefront of the media.  The Gambia, officially known as the Republic of The Gambia, is a small country on the Western coast of Africa.<br /><br />

Controversy circulated as what were dubbed "modern-day witch hunts" took place.  Witch doctors armed by paramilitary troops, police and the president's personal body guards, the Green Men, stormed villages and pulled people from the village.  The claims are that the people pulled from the village are witches.  One of these witches, said the president, was the cause of his aunt's death and he was determined to get to the bottom it.  <br /><br />

Well, the president never found out who supposedly killed his aunt by witchcraft.  What he did get was an overabundance of spiritual activity in one small confined space.  After talking to one of the former Green Men, I have been able to come in contact with this piece. <br /><br />

It seems that some of the people accused of witchcraft actually were witches, not politically targeted, innocent civilians.  It was from these people the government of the Gambia received the most problems.  What they ended up with was a group of shamans who were casting legitimate demons out of dark witches.  The shamans had nowhere to go with the demons, so they began casting the demons into random items they could find lying around the presidents confines.<br /><br /> 

This piece is one of those pieces.  We received it from the ex-Green Man from The Gambia.  This piece holds powers from a dark realm of witch craft that is very powerful and determined to exist.  It holds a legion of three very powerful demons, that will manifest themselves into you and give you the powers of three that they share amongst themselves.  With this power there will be no dark magic that will be beyond your reach. <br /><br />

We have instilled a spell upon this piece.  It is a white power spell that will prohibit the demons from inhabiting your body and taking over.  Other than that this is a free-form power that can be used how you see fit.  It is extremely powerful and extremely dark-- for those of you who enjoy the dark side of things. <br /><br />  

Gambian Dark Magic
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