Ganesha's Extreme, Immortal Wealth

We were on investigation in France.  We had found a monastery in the Pyrenees Mountains.  In all technicality the monastery that we found was in Andorra, not France.  Andorra is a small landlocked country that exists between Spain and France and is situated in the Pyrenees Mountains.  The monastery that we found is not the type that you would typically find in the area.  It was not one that did the bidding of the Catholic Church.  Instead, it is one that is devote to the Buddhist faith.  There a mix of different kinds of people that practice at this monastery.  Some are ethnic Indians, while others are Caucasian Europeans.  Wouldn’t you know that they live together and get on without any kind of disturbances-- something mainstream society has yet to be able to accomplish.

Either way, they venerate the Buddhist Pantheon at the monastery in the hills, which is what we call it.  The monastery itself is kind of tucked away in a spot where it is accessible, but it’s highly unlikely that anybody who doesn’t have a death wish would find out about it.  You know us.  We just get in everywhere we can, which is how we found this monastery in the first place.  

When we got to the monastery, they were hospitable and invited in, even giving us rooms for the night.  It tends to get cold in the Pyrenees but we weren’t.  Hot baths were even drawn for us from hot springs the run through the mountains.  It was like the perfect little paradise that we had found.  After we had relaxed for a bit, a messenger came into where we were staying and told us the Buddhist who kind of runs the place, I call him the Head Buddhist in Charge (HBIC), wished to have a word with us.  

Psychically he could pick up that we were on investigation, looking for whatever magic we could find.  He was not in the business of hiding it from us and welcomed that fact that we were so curious.  He invited us to sit down, telling us that he had prepared a special ritual drink for us.  Not wanting to be rude, we drank what he offered.  Next think you know, we are being pulled from our bodies where we traveled to a parallel universe.  

When we woke up on the other side, we were surrounded by complete darkness.  There was a path lit up by torches of fire on either side of us.  Not knowing where we were or what we should do, we simply walked along the path until we came to it’s end.  At the end was a sight to behold.  Upon a throne of fire sat an entity.  With the head of an elephant, he also has four arms.  An object was held in each of his four hands.  Three cosmic eggs were in one of them.  An axe was held in another.  A torch was in the third and in the fourth were all the stars in Heaven.  He wore a veil of peacock feathers and his eyes were a piercing emerald color.  You could feel his emerald eyes look straight into your soul.  His tusks were made of fire also.   

The entity did not speak, nor did he stir.  He simply watched up with those piercing green eyes.  Through the three cosmic eggs we could see all of existence, past, present, and future.  With the fire from his tusks, we could feel spiritual rebirth.  His axe keeps away all evil and chops down obstacles like they were merely weeds in a field.  He was adorned with all kinds of jewelry, all over his body.  This is where this elephant bracelet comes from.  We took it from the arm that held that axe.  There was no attempt to stop us, so we gathered it was okay.  

We brought this piece back with us to the mortal realm.  It was then that the monks informed us that we had seen the entity we had seen was the mighty Ganesha.  He is the Lord of Beginnings and the remover of obstacles of both the physical and spiritual kind.  He is also the god that grants good fortune and prosperity.  The bracelet that we managed to walk out with was an original possession of Ganesha that brought wealth and prosperity to him that way he could grant it to others.  Thus, you can understand that this piece is super powerful in what it does.  

This piece brings extreme, extreme wealth.  This is wealth in a form unlike anything that you have ever seen.  This piece is the embodiment of Lord Ganesh’s wealth.  His powers will come back from another place.  Meanwhile, this piece will clear your path of obstacles and setbacks.  It will bring you the wealth of Ganesh.  This will bring wealth into every aspect of your life.   It will amass riches that will billionaires jealous.  Yes, this piece will remove obstacles in your life to make certain you get what you want from life, but the major power in this piece is the wealth that it brings.  Like I said before, this is the immortal wealth of the god Ganesha.  

Ganesha's Extreme, Immortal Wealth
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