Gateways to Hell; On the hand.

This piece is not for the faint of heart, by any means.  I'm not in the business of doom and gloom, but I'm not going to tell happy fairy tales either, if they don't exist.  You hear people say it all the time-- maybe even to the point that you get sick and tired of hearing people say it.  You only live once.  By this I mean, that you have but one life and the way you live your life will dictate how you spend your eternity.  In some cases a person's soul will be reincarnated.  Then, I think it's safe to say that you will be judged off of your entire existence.  Either that, or reincarnation is just God's way of giving those who have failed a second chance.  God works in mysterious ways.  Either way, believing in God comes at the expense of of believing in Satan.  

Satan was once the Morning Star.  He was God's right hand man, it even says so in the Bible.  God shared his most intricate secrets with Satan, who at this point was called Lucifer.  Lucifer means bearer of light-- so it is safe to say that at one point Lucifer and his legions were very power light beings.  However, Lucifer got a little bit rowdy, and I imagine jealous.  Maybe he didn't agree with the way God was running His show; but that's the thing, it's always going to be His show.  When Lucifer betrayed God, God was so disheveled and upset that he created the worse possible damnation for Lucifer to have to suffer.  He threw him into a constantly burning, dark, shadowy pit.  I like to imagine that it is slimy and smells like rotting flesh, but there is no proof of that in the Bible.  Then again, the Bible leave a lot of stuff out.  My point is, that God threw Lucifer and the legions that rose up against Him in Heaven, into this pit called Hell.  They were damned from an eternity of light that they could have shared.  To this day, those who go against what God says are cast in the Lake of Fire.  Here they suffer eternally-- that is FOREVER.  There is no chance of redemption.  Well, at least not until God changes His mind, which I guess is possible.  

In Russia, giant caverns have been discovered. In fact, there are three of the; and try as they may scientists have not been able to determine where these holes lead to and why they are there.  Granted, you will not find them in downtown Moscow.  They are in the wilderness of Siberia, so I guess it's safe to say that anything could have cause them, but there is evidence that these holes have not been made by a conventional or even semi-normal means.  When extending audio equipment into the crater to record what one might hear, a bone-chilling audio was returned.  You can hear the roaring of fire and the moaning of souls in an indecipherable language... perhaps the language of tongues?  Despair and gloom resonate from the sound; and although it's only just a sound, there have been few people who have managed to be able to hear the whole thing threw.  In fact, the Russian government, more recently has been using it as a torture method against protesters who want Putin out because they say he is a bad influence on their country.  One scientist has been committed to the loony been after suffering what doctors cal PTSD from hearing the clip.  He claims that he has been haunted by dark, shadowy creatures ever since.  

Rumors began to circulate that this cavern was the very opening of Hell, the place where Lucifer was sent to be imprisoned.  He has been fighting for believers his entire existence, thinking that the more souls he gets the better.  Why?  Because of the Thousand Years War, during which he will be allowed to reign on Earth.  This terrible time will be filled with evil as they try to battle good in one final, epic battle before the Kingdom of God falls to Earth.  We have been promised that this Kingdom will fall, regardless.  Let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope that God doesn't let us down.  He never has before and good always prevails over evil.  We have a pretty good chance of success!  However, in the meantime what are these holes in Siberia and what do they mean.  I was very skeptic, at first, myself.  I listened to a sampling and reproduction of the noises, though, and gained a bit of interest.  It was then that we came into contact with this group of dark magicians, who undoubtedly wanted nothing more than to prove the existence of the Prince of Darkness.  This is how these pieces were made.  However, since we have had them, we have blasted them full of white light.  We even got help from Shine andRaviniska in this case, becks it was rather challenging.  We have kept the piece for over a year and are now finally offering it for sale because we are 110% sure that the only thing left to resonate from this piece are the pure white light, unadulterated powers.  

Hell is a terrible, terrible place.  Hence all the distraught and lifeless moaning and groaning.  It is a pit of sorrow that sucks the remainder of your life from you and all the happiness of your soul disappears.  It is a place of immense suffering.  As a punishment for horrid deeds, the people who wind up in Hell are agonized by a light they can see in the distance, but will never reach.  It is constantly there as a reminder of what they could have had and abandoned.  For Lucifer, it is a constant burden of the light that he used to have, but which was stripped of him because he lost faith in God.  This light is the essence that Lucifer used to be.  It both exists and does not exist.  It exists because it is there, but does not exist because Lucifer doesn't exist as he once did-- the Angel among angels, the most beautiful of Heaven.  He is now stuck in his ugly slime for betraying God.  This piece was once the entire embodiment of Hell on Earth!  It was the suffering, but through white light infusions and other processes, we have been able to do a 180 with this piece.  Now, what left in this piece is the presence the Lucifer used to be.  

With this piece you will know all of the those things that Lucifer used to be.  You will know all the secrets of God, even being given the ability hold dialogue directly with God, without having to go through and angel or other type of intercessor first.  You will gain all of his magic and his knowledge of everything.  You will gain the knowledge of the Tree of Life and the all the secrets of the Cave of Treasures, the Ark of Covenant, and the Holy Grail.  This piece embodies every single last religious miracle from the Shroud of Turin, to Moses' burning bush, to the 3rd Secret of Fatima and everything in between.  It is an all inclusive, all powerful item that will give you every and any bit of knowledge that you ever wanted to know.  Don't pass this offer up!


Sterling silver with a black stone in the mouth.

Gateways to Hell; On the hand.
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