Gazing Bowl and More SW

This gazing bowl belonged to sisters that were both natural seers and were known as Didikko?s, a group of impure Gypsies that had split off from the main groups when they arrived in America. Their names are Dangka and Soilel. It is said that their blood line came from a mix of gypsy and from the line of Emanuel Swedenborg, who claimed that the Lord had opened his eyes so that from then on he could freely visit heaven and hell, and talk with angles, demons and other spirits and whose writings touched those such as William Blake, Elizabeth Browning, and William Butler Yeats among others.

The Bowl is used as a looking bowl and also as a charger. The sisters were also able to create any type of magic once something was placed inside it, for example you could place a ring inside and say that you?re looking for something that will give you psychic powers and the bowl will charge it with that ability. Both the sisters? spirits are attached to this piece and they help the owner with their work and in creating objects. They seem to have a natural knowledge of all things.

If your interested in creating your own items this is a must have, it will help you in many ways
Gazing Bowl and More SW
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