Generate Your IQ

Generate Your IQ

There is a difference between being smart and having a high IQ. Some people with high IQ's have a lack of common sense and thus are not very intelligent in the due dilligence of the world.

However, there are those with a lot of common sense who simply do not know much of anything when it comes to historical events, or even about world news!

More often than not, you either have one of these going for you, but rarely do people have both.

Being both extremely intelligent and having a lot of common sense rations heightened levels of endorphins in the brain.

This piece was custom designed to alert the "sleeping" triggers of the brain that will surge to allow you to become one of the rare few who hold both. If you lack common sense the awakening will impart those social skills, if you are not very worldly with knowledge, then you will be imparted with the skills to adapt to your surroundings and learn and understand from the vibes that are flooded within this piece!

Very erratic piece that will grant you an impeccable, full fledged range of complete mind blowing knowledge, both in the spectrum of common sense and worldly taught aspects that will make you a rare form who can master all that you encounter in life.

Occult Master will be one of the titles you will be able to adhere too~

Generate Your IQ
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