Gloria's Guiled Wisdom

Gloria's Guiled Wisdom
This amulet is of great power~!! It represents the Wisdom that is housed within you, the wisdom deep within your Soul. You are the keeper of your destiny. You are the keeper of your knowledge. It is rooted within you just waiting to be acknowledged.

This particular amulet is for someone who is a seeker of the arts, of life, of love!
This will enhance your connection to your Inner Self~your ‘Power House’. It will never allow you to forget who YOU are and from where you come from.

There will be a Divine Soul to be acknowledged to help your connection.

Are you ready?

*This amulet will be enhanced and anointed for your healing growth and this will customly be cast by Gloria, a sister of a Bishop, who is Divinly enlightened.

The vessel you see is what she will spellcast specifically for you --- when you order you will need to include your full name and date of birth in the message area of your payment -- and then Gloria will generate the spell within it directly to you.
~Sterling silver and gorgeous majestic colors in the stone!
Gloria's Guiled Wisdom
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