Gog and Magog Djinn Birther

Gog and Magog appear in a host of religious texts, including the Koran, the Book of Ezekiel, the Book of Genesis, and the Book of Revelation.  They are supernatural beings, but more of land-lurking demons than anything. They are the epitome of evil and use their powers that were given to them by Satan to wreak havoc on the nations of the world.  They are Satan's angels that were sent to the Earth to do evil deeds.   

During their reign of terror upon Earth, the man simply known as, "He of the Two Ages" came to humankind's assistance.  He found the pair wreaking havoc on a village by birthing a host of evildjinn that they used to taunt and torture them.  When He of the Two Ages arrived in the plagued village, he built a great wall that he used to  enclose Gog and Magog.  The wall is strong enough to keep the demons in and others out.  During the end of times the wall will be torn down in order to allow the pair of demons to wreak havoc during the tribulation periods.

The power in these pieces do not reflect the end of times or anything like that.  Rather, they garner their power from Gog and Magog's ability to birth djinn.  It extracts these powers and even though these are the powers of demons, they aren't necessarily dark powers.  In fact, this is actually a dual power ability that has been placed into these items.  A lot of powers are freelance and can be used for either dark or light power.  What dictates the nature of the power is the hands of whom it falls into. 

With all of this being considered, these powers give you the ability to birth your own djinn just like Gog and Magog used to do to terrorize the peoples of the Earth.  How you will use this power decides on what type of person you are.  Again, these powers are dual.  You can birth any type ofdjinn that you want.  They will be your supernatural offspring and will pretty much to anything you tell them to do.  In this way you can birth whatever type of djiin that you want to do whatever you want, bring you whatever power you want, bring you wealth, seek revenge... again, pretty much anything you want to do with them you can.  Whether these djinn are of light or dark is entirely up to the hands that these pieces fall into.  Personally, I would love to see them be used for white light purposes, but there are no restrictions on the way this piece can be used, period.


This ring is stunning and the stone just glows with the power inside. Along the sides are real blue Topaz. The size is 8.

Gog and Magog Djinn Birther
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