Golden Apple of the Hesperides

The Hersperides are the beautiful daughters o the Evening Star.  They live the the garden in a land where it is always sunset, filled with apple tree and golden apples.  It is guarded by a dragon who allows only the Hepserides to touch the  fruit of the sacred apple trees in the Garden. 

This piece holds the spirit of one of the Hesperides, who will act as your liaison to the magic of this garden and bring you the powers of the Golden Apples that grow there.  This golden apple grants astonishing charm and a beauty and will carry with it the energy of agelessness.  It will also seek out wealth for the person who own the piece and bring it to them in vast quantities.  Last but not lease, it will bring you spiritual properties that will allow you to live in a more stable environment, meaning this piece provides spiritual attunement that will allow you to live at peace with the balance of energies that are in our universe, while being able to access them for their powers  This piece packs a very powerful punch and is now, after we have held numerous investigations with this piece, yours for the taking! 

Golden Apple of the Hesperides
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