Golden Strand DNA Magic

This piece is not of this planet.  It is a piece of alien technology that has been hidden in a secret confines in Denmark of all places.  Denmark is an unusually quiet nation, but I guess they have their reasons, especially after finding out what we found out.  It was when we went to France this last time.  We were supposed to be on investigation in France, and we were, but part of our stay in Europe included a trip over to Denmark, which is where we got this piece.

We were taken to Denmark by a named Raul.  He took us by helicopter and dropped us off in a rather remote area.  We kind of thought he was nuts, but it wasn't long before we realized that is wasn't about what was above ground that we should concern ourselves with.  Rather, it was what is underground.  About five minutes after we were dropped off in the wilderness and Raul's chopper was out of sight, a hole in the ground opened up that was big enough for maybe four people to fit through.  

We were greeted by a metallic colored human-looking robot that informed us to follow him.  We then descended into the earth on a flat, hovering surface of some kind.  Don't ask me what exactly the hovering surface is called, because I don't know.  It worked kind of like an elevator.  Either way, we couldn't see anything.  We descended in the dark, or maybe the vehicle we traveled on was designed to make it look that way.  I'm not quite sure.
Either way, when we got to where we were going, we were finally surrounded by normal human-- not Raul the helicopter driver or that C3PO looking thing.  We were introduced to the Danish in charge of the operation.  The operation I'm talking about is that they have this massive-- and I mean massive-- telescope built underground.  It's digital and works easier than Google Maps.  All you have to do is type in a destination-- any destination in the entirety of the universe-- and you can view it through this telescope.  It automatically finds the location. 
How did they build this you ask?  Oh, they just happen to have a few cryogenically frozen Nazi's hanging out-- it very, very sophisticated machines.  They have wires attached to their heads that come out and are hooked up to things that look like television screens. The Nazis are still very much alive, but their life cycle has been slowed down to almost nothing, which has pretty much made them immortal.  The thoughts and all of the knowledge of these Nazis dances across the television screen allowing the Danish to see what they've learned while they worked under Hitler.  
Through this knowledge is how the Danish were able to build their massive telescope.  This knowledge also allowed them to make contact with a race of aliens who co-habitate with the Danish in their secret underground base that they have built.  The alliance between the Danish and the extraterrestrials has proven to be very fruitful, as the aliens have provided the Danish with invaluable items of technology.  One of the items of technology that has been provided is this bracelet.  
This piece is called Golden String DNA Magic.  The reason that it is called this is because when you wear the piece, it forms and merges with your DNA.  Once this merging is complete, then you will exist as what the Danish called an "in-betweener".  What this means is that you exist as a alien-human hybrid.  The first obvious benefit to this is the immortality that it will bring you.  Your third eye will be open and you will be able to notice all the different alien races that exist on Earth, but are hidden by the government.  You will be able to read their minds and gain their powers, whatever those powers may be.  They vary, because they come from all different galaxies and universes.  
Your DNA shift will also bring you the ability of power creation.  By this I mean, you will be able to manipulate the energies of the universe that are given off by the stars, and the moon, and the planets, and all the other cosmic bodies and energies that are in existence in the universe.  You can manipulate these energies into becoming whatever powers that you want them to become.  The knowledge of how to do this will automatically come to you, when you undergo your genetic manipulation into a hybrid creature.  
Another thing you gain from this piece is the ability to astral travel on a whim.  You don't have to prepare, or meditate, or sit in a dark room for hours until astral self decides to wake up. All you have to do is envision the place that you would like to astral travel to and you will automatically be transferred there like, "Beam me up Scottie!!"  It's a pretty amazing ability and power to have.  
This piece is likely one of a few, so I cannot say that it is one-of-a-kind.  I can say that it is definitely limited edition, because there have only been a few made. I can also tell you that the only place you are going to get one is from us, because are inside of a vault in the secret Danish underground base.  If you want to turn all that you've ever known to be true topsy-turvy while obtaining amazing new powers, then this piece is a must have!!  Even if you just want a piece to be able to create all of your own kind of magic, this piece is also perfect for you.  This piece is perfect all around!!  Make it yours today!! 
Golden Strand DNA Magic
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