Golems of the Ark,Etched Spark-2

You know that song that says, "You can't always get what you want?"  The Rolling Stones sing it and the phrase refrains over and over again to try to make the point that-- well-- you can't always get what you want.  Maybe, in the normal realm of mortality that is true.  However, when you are the descendent of Abraham and the part of the bloodline of Christ, the rules don't exactly apply to you.  When the God you serve is the beginning and ending of all and he houses all the powers of the world in their entirety, as long as you are in his good graces and you have the secrets of his magic, you can get what you want whenever you want it.  The Rolling Stones can just shut up!! 

There are three of these pieces.  The one you will be getting is pictured on this listing.  The item itself is not ancient.  Relatively speaking the items are somewhat new; however the powers that are in them are an ancient form of deified energy.  It was given to David, the favorite King of God as a gift for his beloved.  As you know, Israel flourished under King David, seeing the best of their day in ancient times.  It was the blessing and fortitude of God's innermost workings and the secrets and alchemy of his most covert and coveted magic.  It is the exact same form of magic that was given to the Christ child, God's ONLY begotten son, and infused into the blood of Christ.

The holy white-light spell that was given to David was written on a Golden scroll and placed in a secret location in the Tabernacle.  Here it remained until later when it was hidden inside the Ark of the Covenant and sealed to human eyes, lest they die a fiery death.  In fact, somebody once tried to open the seals to see into the Ark of the Covenant and he burned right where he stood and his soul was whisked away to the badlands, so to speak.  

The power in the incantation that was given to David allowed him to create spirit golems.  Traditionally golems are forms of existence thought to be rock and other inanimate objects that are held together at the seems by the life-force that their creators put into them.  The same goes for spirit golems, except they are much more powerful.  Rather, they are made from pure, white light spirit forms that are held together by the breath of God.  The breath of God white magic in its purest form and can be altered to do whatever you want it to do.  Thus, the purpose of having a spirit golem is essentially to be able to get what you want. 

The incantation spell that was given to David by God has been infused into these three pieces.  They hold etchings that bear a significance that with God-- and this power-- all things are possible.  You can use this piece to create your own spirit Golems that will do WHATEVER you want them to do.  They can bring you wealth.  They bring you love.  They can enhance your sex.  They can help you astral travel.  They can help you create powers and magic.  They can help you enlighten your mind and release your immortal soul from its mortal prison.  You will be given the authority, with this piece, to breath the breathe of God into your spirit Golems to make them do whatever you want or to bring you any power or ability that you can envision.  

Personally, I think that these are probably the only selection of items we have that will allow you commandeer the essence and pure magic of God.  You have been given the authority.  Use it well.  Remember... one day you WILL meet your maker.  

There are three rings.  This particular listing is going to get you the piece that is pictured on THIS LISTING.  If you want one of the other two-- IF THEY ARE AVAILABLE-- you can order those with their respective item #'s. 

Golems of the Ark,Etched Spark-2
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