Good Space Vibrations

Sometimes people have nothing productive to do.  What do they do then?  Well, they sit around an look at things using Google Earth.  Why would they want to do that?  Well, why not?  Again, they've got nothing better to do.  However, you should be thankful for these sorts of people, because they are the ones the discovered the following development.  Well, I can't really call it a development, because the investigation has already been done; but in 2011 Google Earth users are the ones who noticed that China was constructing a bunch of massive building in the Gobi Desert. 

The series of strange structures included a series of concentric circles complete with jets parked in the center, a glob of white interceding lines, and a grid that is about 18 miles long.  There are burned-out vehicles, orange blocks that are at least the size of shipping containers, and structures that resemble airports.  Well they might be nuclear plant cooling towers.  Nobody seems to be able to get close enough to really accurately identify the structures.  All this is located close the center of the Chinese space program and the Ding Xin military airbase, where top-secret aircraft are test.  Additionally, its only 400 miles from the Lop Nur Salt lakes, which is where China performed nuclear test between the years 1967 and 1995.

There are multiple theories as to what all these structures are doing in the middle of a desert where it almost seems too hot to live at some points in time.  However, the accurate reason for these structures, and the fact that they are so close together is because they are the apex of something more incredible.  Deep beneath the surface where all of these structures are located is a top-secret Chinese space station.  It is filled with state of the art technology and all types of equipment.  It has been there since the Space Race of the 1960s and is actually one of the most advanced bases in the world.  It has been kept secret, because it is basically the equivalent to the United State's Area 51.  However, you know how we are with our investigations-- we can pretty much figure anything out. 

Extra-terrestrial beings are super intelligent.  This is why they have no need to communicate verbally.  Rather they communicate with series of ultrasonic sounds and vibrations.  This is why humans can never seem to solve the "mystery" of whether or not aliens actually exist.  You and I know that there really is no mystery involved, but some people are about as dumb as a box of rocks.  Either way, these ultrasonic sounds and vibrations are out of anything comprehensible by the human conscious.  I don't know if the aliens intend for their existence to be a secret or if this is just how they communicate and they can't help it.  I guess it doesn't really matter. 

The powers in these pieces are incredible.  They come from the Chinese Space Station.  Adita secured these pieces during an investigation where she posed as a Chinese official.  The pieces will allow you to enlighten your mind to be able to receive and interpret the ultrasonic sounds and vibrations.  This will allow you to project your mind astrally into space and hear the voice of the aliens, as they give you secrets about ancient civilizations, far away realms, magic, powers, and new abilities.  There's no telling what you will explore with these phenomenal little bits of power and enlightenment!   

Good Space Vibrations
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