Grant Me A Child

Grant Me A Child

We have had many clients who are hoping for a child. We cannot guarantee fertility, but the closest implied method of magic was brought forward when we connected with Aiysit.

Aiysit is a goddess of laughter, fate, fertility and childbirth. She is involved in the whole birth process, beginning at conception.

Aiysit assists during labor; her presence helps ensure safety. She eases the pain of labor and brings the soul to the child. She records every new birth in a golden book, together with the child's future fate.

A special offering table is to be created for Aiyist, she prefers offerings made with real butter. So this is a piece if you are looking to conceive, or adopt -- just desiring a child in your life... it could even be to bring forth a grandchild.

You will need to wear this piece for 5 days, each of these days eating food made with real butter -- we suggest eating butter bread with your meals, and having some pasta. It sounds odd, but this is the connection of implements that will impart the connections that will allot the eruption of fertile entanglement upon you.

We have had a tester use this and they were blessed with a mother coming forth who was looking to give her baby up for adoption and there dream of having a child came true -- so we know Aiysit can help anyone... can help an able woman conceive, a gay couple adopt, etc.

This is awesome~!!

Grant Me A Child
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