"Grant" me a gift/F*

Psychically gifted British writer, Joan Grant, embodied unusual psychic gifts from a young age. She was born in London in 1907 and was brought up in a well off family, with nannies and governesses; one of which professed to be a Welsh witch.

Grant said that even as a toddler she experienced bits and pieces of past lives. She can recall seven precious lives, four as a male and three as a female; she assumed that all people had such memories. She also possessed unusual psychic gifts, which manifested in premonitions of death, precognitive dreams, and a strange type of dream that seemed to involve out-of-body travel to another reality.

During World War I, she dreamed of being a nurse on a battlefield, telling soldiers they were dead, and helping them meet loved ones who also were dead. She also helped accident victims who did not realize that they were dead. These dreams invariably preceded news stories that verified the details of her dreams. Grant was uneasy about her dreams, but she could not prevent them from coming.

Her dreams showed a technique of past-life recall, "far memory", which enabled her to tap into apparent past lives. Grant believes that human beings go through four phases of evolution: molecules of energy, the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and the human realm. Many lifetimes are spent in each phase until consciousness has expanded enough to advance to the next level.

During human lives the consciousness eventually becomes too large for a single personality. An incarnation includes both a soul, or personality, and a component of his total self. The sum total of all the souls is the spirit. After death the soul joins the spirit; if a soul fails to integrate itself into the spirit, fragments split off and form a "ghost," which traps energy. The ghost lingers through subsequent incarnations, until its energy is released.

This piece has energy trapped within it that is waiting to be released. To release the energy you have to be able to have a clear mind and open to outlandish dreams. Each night you will need to have this piece by your bedside and wear a night mask to keep all light out of your eyes. You need to believe that rays of light aren't making you imagine things; and you will be amazed by the dreams that you will live.

As you dream, you will embody a spirit and live out a former life event while you are sleeping. This piece inhibits you the power to be a medium for the dead. This isn't a piece for someone who is easily scared; you need to be adventurous and intrigued in order to gain the essence of the medium experience.

Other qualities this item enhances and gives are that of full psychic ability,clarity in vision and knowledge through touch while wearing the piece. The reason for this is that before it was given to Joan Grant it belonged to a Warring witch. The Warring witch was of white light and she healed and used all her power to help others. This piece was a gift to her.
"Grant" me a gift/F*
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