Granting Happiness

Granting Happiness

This item brings forth the spirit of Bes, he is a Nubia spirit that floods those he touches with domestic happiness!  He is the lord of love, music and dancing.  He is a spirit of pleasure and a woman's best friend.

He guards against all evil spirits and trouble and keeps malicious spirits away from women, especially at crucial moments in their lives.

Bes is a small man with a lion's mane -- he is a true source of desire -- basically the "perfect" mate that people search for.

His invocation in this piece will channel elements of removal of negative aspects to bring you ultimate happiness. For women you will be wrapped with warmth and love, your soul will be able to pick up vibes from those you encounter to know who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

Bes will also work for men to help them understand how to be the man that women want.

If you are unhappy because you do not know how to give the personal touch to attract, or be attractive to, others... than this is a piece you need.

Happiness is love, and Bes will forecast that within you to help make life worth living~!

Granting Happiness
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