Granting Vassago

This piece holds a pet djinn.  I say that he is a pet, because you will not birth him yourself, but you will receive him.  Just like you would give a pet orders to sit, or stay, you can do the same with this piece.  His name is Vassago and he is not hard to conjure at all.  In fact, he is very active and will probably begin showing himself to you as soon as you start working with the piece.  To bring on the presence of the djinn even more forcefully, you will make a salt circles  Inside the circle you will place the piece and a a candle.  Light the candle and let it burn all the way down.  Once it has, the piece will have been fully activated.  You only have to do this, though if Vassago doesn't immediately show himself to you.  
Once you have seen Vassago, you will then become his master.  Once you become his master, it will be the proverbial "Your wish is command" scenario.  By this I mean that Vassago will grant you any wish that you want.  He is limited to wishes to magic and spells, meaning that you can wish any power or spells for yourself and they will automatically become yours.  You won't have to ask twice with this piece and the wishes come true relatively quickly, within the week!  This is a very exciting prospect, because it will literally grant you an power, spell, or magic that you want!  
Granting Vassago
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