Green and Red Societies

It's been a long time since the battle of East Side vs West Side in the United State, where many gangster rapping buffoons lost their lives in their loyalty to either the East Coast or the West coast.  However, apply this to the World Stage, and we have a completely different story.  It seems as though the East Side, West Side battle is only just shaping us.  This is because for years the "West Side", which refer Western Civilization have been in full control of the world.  Basically via the Illuminati and other secret societies, governments have been vastly controlled and manipulated.  The people in the East are fed up with it.  This is why they have create the Green and Red Societies. 

The Green and Red societies began as an undergroud group of former Ming soldiers.  They were organized to fight the Manchurian Qing dynasty that came to power 1644.  They were instrumental is overthrowing the last Chinese emperor.  After this, they instated the first President of the Republic of China, Sun Yat-sen.  After this the Green and Red Societies became more of a protectorate of the state, kind of like the Rosicrucian Knights protect the Vatican.  More recently, the G and R Societies have been outraged over a supposedly Illuminati population control plane to thwart population and even diminish it by up to 25%.  These plans include racially geared biogenetic weapons that will specifically target Asian countries... including Pakistan, India, China, and Japan.  The two factions used to get along separately, each one acknowledging the exist of the other, but not really bothering.  They both very powerful and could do serious damage to one another's covert operations. 

However, it seems that if this situation doesn't become quickly alleviated you will see a battle of power behind world powers-- which is likely not to induce a nuclear attack at all.  Rather, this will be a battle of epic proportion fought on the magical and spiritual fronts.  Sorcery will return to the forefront of civilization and if it doesn't get itself under control, you might just feel like you are in one of the "Lord of the Rings" movies.  It sounds pretty cool, but I can guarantee you that when and if this battle takes place, they will no longer have to worry about population control.  With the magic that is help by each of these respective secret societies, they could probably take out most of the world.  This is why you need one of these items! 

We are offering these items as sales items because we truly believe that everyone should have one of these.  These pieces contain a full version of the Green and Red Societies Oriental Sorcery.  This sorcery is very powerful and will pretty much give you any power or ability that you ask for.  All you have to do is manipulate the energy that comes in these pieces and to do that all you have to do is wear the piece and allow the energy to bond with your body.  Then, you will be able to subliminally bend and shape the energies of the piece, to mold it into any power that you want it to be!  This will help you survive should there be a skirmish of powers.  If not, then this is still pretty boss to have.  I mean, it gives you any ability or power you want!

Green and Red Societies
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