Greller's Gaze of Power/F*

With this piece you will gain improved strength and speed. Vampires possess strength and speed much higher than that of a human, complete with incomparable grace, a different sort than the animalistic fluid nature. Older vampires have greater power and speed than younger. Vampires often seem much faster than they truly are, however – with their mind tricks, they can be across the room in what seems like an eye-blink.

You also will possess senses much greater than that of normal humans.

This incredible piece will give you the power to mesmerize a human with direct eye contact; you will be able to hypnotize them. This can be done to keep a person in temporary stasis (called mind-rolling), or have lasting effects, giving you the control over the human. This mesmerizing gaze can also be used to cause short-term memory loss.

This piece holds a living vampire within it, his name is Greller. He will at times take over your body and mind, but he will never harm you. You will also possess Grellers powers even when he is not controlling your body!

You will see things with a different perspective, have the heightened ability of the senses and be able to hypnotize those around you with your new gazing powers.

I have tested this piece and was able to maneuver my way out of issues by using the eye gaze to get what I wanted!

This is a powerful piece to own and a fun piece to use --- these abilities come in handy more often then you may think!

These are sterling silver and earrings. These work by picking up your minds intentions. If you can only wear one that is fine. You will get one of the earrings pictured.

Greller's Gaze of Power/F*
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